RDV@ Boston (online) for a Sunday Story Time
    Date of publication :10/16/2020 2:03:18 PM


Key takeaways: 

  • hihilulu story time
  • theme-based cartoon from different countries
  • unique style, various taste
  • pleasure of image and language

A French friend said , when you think about 红酒 (Hóngjiǔ/ Wine/ vin), it probablly about its' various styles and tastes. Each brand, the wine from different years of the same brand, has its own unique "personality" and "temperament", unlike industrialized alcohol, which has same taste wherever it is produced.  In an era that requires standardization, an experienced storyteller can add a personalized finishing to standardized content. 

hihilulu Sunday Online Cartoon Story Time, brimming with unique taste, has been operated in Boston for months and embraced by young cartoon and Chinese language lovers.  Just like a glass of good wine,  it gives irresistible joy of images and words. 

What makes this Chinese Cartoon Story Time strong: a wide variety of children's animation selected by the hihilulu Chinese content platform; Early Child Development(ECD) professionals leading children to interpret cartoon stories in details, and raise attention to different artistic styles and Chinese literary beauty produced by French, Russian, American,  Chinese animation studios and so on.

Time: Every Sunday 10.30-11:30 EST (16:30-17:30 CET)

Methodology: immerse in one episode of cartoon selected by hihilulu Chinese lecturer, appreciate story and dialogue, learn Chinese expressions used in real-world connected scenes through conversation, suitable for 3-10ys children with different Chinese levels

Where: Zoom live

Extra Q&A time: 10ms special time for parents who have questions about early language development

This week’s featured animation is  Paper Tales-Toys of the Southwest Wind.  Just imagine, when the wind rises, in the leisure time on a Sunday, we hold a cup of fragrant milk tea, follow the hihilulu storyteller into the magic world of paper planet, watch humorous stories, and have fun interactions......

Click the link to register free participation of hihilulu Sunday Cartoon Story Time. 

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