Return to school after COVID-19
    Date of publication :5/7/2020 1:29:41 PM


School reopening is put on table by governments around the world. Plans and measures are discussed in order to guarantee a safe reopening of school for children. Key take-away: online and offline blended; hihilulu response to COVID-19. 

COVID-19 lockdown adds pressure on teachers who have to pivot from classroom to online teaching, no matter how old they are, which discipline they are teaching, and whether they are tech geek ......

Teachers now are also Vloggers, Youtubers, online anchors for their students, at distance. 

Most of working at home parents, after juggling the home schooling tasks, must  already realize how difficult of dealing with one or several kids, not to say a group of kids separated by a screen.  

Haha, we really miss our teachers, miss a real Back to School  like in Neo Bear's Dream Town, more than anytime in our life!  Let's send an e-appreciation to our teachers! 

School reopening will not be same in all countries or regions. Online and offline learning will co-exist for a while.  

Miss Mandarine of hihilulu Atelier thus will continue bringing her support of online Chinese tutoring,  on top of its self-care hihilulu Application. 

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