Let's go back to school!
    Date of publication :9/1/2020 1:25:28 PM


Back to school in 2020 is undoutedly very special, health check, wearing mask, social distance......but nevertheless, we are happy to get a new start! 

After several months of studying at home, coupled with a long and eventful summer vacation, parents are looking forward to the back-to-school in Septemberchildren are excited about the wonderful meeting with their friends.

This year’s back-to-school is so special and uncertain. Mom and Dad can review the hygiene tips of Molong with their children and remind them to pay attention to safety in public places.

Miss Mandarine also shares several fun and practical tips with parents in coping with back-to-school worries: 

Time Capsule: Ask kids to write or draw down what they feel about schoo, their  expectations for the new semester, and then put those records into a beautiful bottle. Open it at the end of each semester or year, and see how their feelings, wishes, or goals evolve;

Growing-up Scrapbook: Prepare a collection book for your children to record important growing up events, experiences, happy or sad moments of the yeareither in writing, drawing, picture, or paper cut…..definitely free style, but authentic their life track; 

My circle of friends: Before eating or going to bed, parents ask children to "publish" their own discovery of friends. Open exchange not only helps children gradually adapt to the new environement, but also establishes a healthy and stable communication channel between parents and children. 

Of course, hihilulu will continue to accompany your child's Chinese immersion learning journey with its own wonderful animation content and learning games.

And,  hold on, the hihilulu Atelier Chinese Curriculum with blended teaching and learning tools, that we have carefully polished and tried for a year,  will be SOON on board! 

Let's wait for this beautiful surprise! 

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