Bilingual education has many benefits for kids in today's world. Immersion learning not only helps children to become proficient in another language, but also opens other opportunities as well.

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Year of the Tiger: what's your Chinese fashion?
Early childhood Chinese learning
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🎄Christmas in the air of hihilulu Atelier 🎄
A meaningful sustainable gift for kids
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3, 2, 1 ⏳ it's Thanksgiving !
Learn to say Thank you in Chinese
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Confucius Quote on Education and Learning II
Peer-to-peer learning & Confucius theory
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Ready steady go!
New school year already starts all over the world. On any given school day, over 1 billion children head to class! Still, over 260 million school-aged child...
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我们为什么爱hihilulu 暑假营? --第二集
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Why we love hihilulu Online Summer Camp-ep.2?
Playful learning
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Growing Up Everyday with hihilulu Summer Chinese Camp!
Cool summer activity
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Hello everyone, today it’s the first time I write an article and share my daughter's language learni...
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Learning Chinese: How to Use Multimedia Contents in the Classroom

Theme-based Learning is a very efficient method for young children’s issue-centered learning. But it...
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Learn Halloween Activities and Words in Chinese

Halloween is coming soon! It's the perfect time to talk about pumpkin, spider, witch and masks. Do y...
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