Chinese learning apps can be a great way to help kids learn Mandarin. They give children the chance to hear native Chinese speakers, respond to questions in Chinese, and a fun and engaging way to practice their reading and writing in Chinese.

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What happened in the 2nd week of hihilulu summer camp?
Listening and speaking practice improves fluency and encourages kids to acquire more vocabulaires.
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Chinese Summer Camp Trip--to the magic world of numbers!
Immersive Chinese summer camp, virtual and live!
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Dragon Boat Festival: "粽"Always Happy , "粽" Healthy
The Dragon Boat Festival is on the fifth day of the fifth month of Chinese lunar calendar, and this year, it is on June 25th, 2020.
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Learning Chinese language through cultural event: Dragon Boat Festival 1
Dragon Boat Festival (Duanwu Festival, Duānwǔ Jié) is a traditional festival over 2000 years old in China. It is listed as the Intangible Cultural Heritage ...
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Make Chinese Learning Time Memorable!
Draw & Tell is a very efficent method for early language development among young children. Playing and making stories together increases parents-children bo...
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June 5th-World Environment Day
Since 1974, World Environment Day has been celebrated every year on 5 June. hihilulu children engage in action.
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Kids cartoon in Chinese: Magic Lantern and activities
" Magic Lantern" is a series based on works of classic literature and adapted for children with creative setting and interesting narriation. Follow DIY tips...
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Unlocking children's potentials: recognize individuality and difference
How kids inspire their parents and rest of us?
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Learning Chinese: What's the Best Time for Kids to Start?

Hello everyone, today it’s the first time I write an article and share my daughter's language learni...
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Learning Chinese: How to Use Multimedia Contents in the Classroom

Theme-based Learning is a very efficient method for young children’s issue-centered learning. But it...
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Learn Halloween Activities and Words in Chinese

Halloween is coming soon! It's the perfect time to talk about pumpkin, spider, witch and masks. Do y...
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