Teaching resources, strategies, and tips for using hihilulu to learn Chinese. Includes a detailed user manual and access to thousands of high-quality Chinese teaching and learning materials online and in the hihilulu app.

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Confucius Quote on Education and Learning II
Peer-to-peer learning & Confucius theory
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Ready steady go!
New school year already starts all over the world. On any given school day, over 1 billion children head to class! Still, over 260 million school-aged child...
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Why we love hihilulu Online Summer Camp-ep.2?
Playful learning
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Why we love hihilulu Online Chinese Summer Camp?
Fun Chinese Immersion Learning
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Growing Up Everyday with hihilulu Summer Chinese Camp!
Cool summer activity
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Teach for the planet: Together, Restore Our Earth
We are in action
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Important events of Week April 19
Learning keywords through events
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Live Report from 1st week of Online Spring Camp, don't miss the 2nd chance!
Thefirst week of hihilulu Atelier Online Spring Campis going to end soon!Children around the world joined hihilulu teachers for a playful, immersive and int...
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Learning Chinese: What's the Best Time for Kids to Start?

Hello everyone, today it’s the first time I write an article and share my daughter's language learni...
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Learning Chinese: How to Use Multimedia Contents in the Classroom

Theme-based Learning is a very efficient method for young children’s issue-centered learning. But it...
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Learn Halloween Activities and Words in Chinese

Halloween is coming soon! It's the perfect time to talk about pumpkin, spider, witch and masks. Do y...
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