Kids cartoon in Chinese: Magic Lantern and activities
    Date of publication :6/4/2020 9:12:23 AM


Many things are happening this June, school reopening or not opening, children's festival, environment topics, and summer hot in the air...... Keep cool, we are moving on this hihilulu highlight month for children, nature and art.  

 Cartoon for kids

Magic Lantern" is a series based on works of classic literature such as "Treasure Island", "Robinson Crusoe", "Dick Sand, a Captain at 15", and adapted for children with creative setting and interesting narriation. The idea of using classic slide projector for expanding the stories may arise the feeling of nostalgia in parents and give inspiration for a parent-child bonding activity.  

Highlight: standard dubbing, simple, clear, and rich Chinese dialogue, good for Chinese learners at intermediate level

Tips for a DIY  projector of shadow animation at home:

Step 1 Materials needed: flat transparent plastic (mostly packaging boxes), torch, markers or color pens, a whitish wall, and a dark room.

Step 2 Draw on plastic your own stories, with kids, like real animation editors

Step 3 Project on the wall by turning on your torch or lamp behind your drawing slides

And, get creative and fun with it! 

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