Live report from hihilulu Atelier-Chinese New Year Camp
    Date of publication :2/18/2021 7:30:38 PM


The "Chinese New Year" holiday camps, online and offline, have already started!

At Centre Actif Bilingue, through cultural themes, aesthetic education, craft activities, culinary recipes and interactive exercises, hihilulu atelier helps children learn Chinese language and experience Chinese culture with fun! 

At the Active Bilingual Center, children of different Chinese level, whether they are completely beginners, or they speak Chinese fluently, whether they are French, Chinese or Franco-Chinese, they have all found their place and their pleasure in this thematic and immersive workshop. 

Our teachers use an adaptive teaching method to deal with diversity and create an immersive learning environment through creative activities and interaction between the children themselves.

There are Chinese calligraphy and painting, the stories of Chinese characters, Chinese classical music and poetry, and Spring Festival delicacies.... Children see with their eyes, listen with their ears, touch with their hands, taste with the tip of their tongues, go with their experience an authentic Chinese New Year festival! 

Chinese dumpling (Jiaozi) is a typical dish that is prepared during the Spring Festival. During the Wednesday workshop, children made, step by step, their own dumpling dough, the stuffing, their folding while listening to the instruction of Chinese keywords taught by teacher in advance. Kids then tasted their first hand-made Jiaozi with pride. Some even brought it home for their parents!

Some works were taken home, and some brought to workshop by children themselves to share. A French-Indian child proudly counted her own Chinese collection! hihilulu teacher encouraged her to bring in the treasured Chinese shadow puppets for display. Other children inspired by the shadow puppets then started to imitate the form of Chinese characters with their hands in front of the projector. The whole workshop is very engaging. 

The Online hihilulu Atelier-Chinese New Year Camp keeps the same synergy. The one hour Virtual Meeting per day turns into a social networking for kids speaking Chinese. Guided by hihilulu teachers, young camp members exchange their own knowledge and impressions of the Chinese New Year. Conversation designed around the daily theme inspires children to think, speak, and verse in Chinese. Chinese is no longer a silent language, but a natural communication tool.*

*  Click here to register for the week of Feb.22, 2021 Chinese New Year Camp.


What's hihilulu atelier? 

hihilulu Atelier offers blended learning of the Chinese language young children. It makes easy to switch between online and offline.

As an "all-in-one" digital platform for the fun learning of the Chinese language, it provides tools, programs and content for Chinese teachers and young Chinese learners.

4 easy steps

- Immerse young learners in thematic and animated Chinese content

- Add variety and interesting interactive exercises in addition to the hihilulu workshop day classes

- Track progress intantly

-Track and measure the progress with over 3000+ self-assessment questions

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