🎅 hihilulu Advent Calendar & Special Christmas Offer🎁
    Date of publication :12/9/2020 8:32:02 PM


 🎅 24 cartoons, 24 ways to have playful learning!🎅 

Together, with your kids, hihilulu counts down the days until Santa's🎅 arrival!

An alternative advent calendar offering Christmas theme-related cartoon contents will accompany your kids to a joyful and fun journey in Chinese! 

Let's Start:  

12/07/2020: Weekly keyword 礼物/Christmas Gift 🎁

12/08/2020: Dino--Christmas Gift 🎁

12/09/2020: Peppa Pig--Christmas

12/10/2020: Christmas Song--Jiggle Bell

12/11/2020: 64 ZooLane--Merry Jingle Whizz

12/12/2020: Tom the Tow Truck--Christmas Candy Car

Everyday a good story!

Everyday enjoyable Chinese learning ! 

Plus+ hihilulu Atelier Christmas Immersion Chinese camp is opened from Dec. 28 2020 to Jan. 1, 2021: 

Classic literature in kids cartoon 

Learning Chinese through fun acting 

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