We live, we dance!
    Date of publication :11/4/2020 5:34:02 PM


It's such a tricky time to make any choice, even just to make a weekly cartoon recommendation to our little users. Which one is the best choice? A question haunts each of us: staying at home, herd immunity, online or offline, pride or prejudice ...... 

Our editors go back to hihilulu Content Library again and again, screening by theme and by brand, eventually, line out two episodes from Emmy & GooRooThey might not be the favorites of each, but the right choices to cheer us up: 


Flamingo's Dance:  who shall lead the most famous Flamingo dancing group of the magic forest? Our Flamingo star dancers think each of them should have the chance to stay at the front row and enjoy the limelight. Well, let's see whether Emmy, GooRoo and their friends could enjoy a magnificent show. 

Tita Tita Flamingo: listen to this original kids' song and dance with it!  A 2 minutes video, it's full of magic rhythm and cheers you up with simple movement.  

🍒 Don't forget our weekly treat "hihilulu Sunday Cartoon Story Time" 🍒

Time: every Sunday 10.30-11:30 EST (16:30-17:30 CET);

Magic: storytelling, reverse teaching, 

Where: Zoom live, click the link to register free participation  

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