Creative Teaching: Implement an Immersive Chinese Learning Environment in the Classroom
    Date of publication :10/28/2019 3:42:59 AM


Traditional methods for teaching are already going through a transformation to adapt to the needs of students who are being raised in a digital world, hihilulu APP is a digital tool for the classroom for innovative teachers, it can enhance the professional practice of teachers.

I haven’t seen my students in the Chinese class for three weeks because of the vacation and the field trip. As a gift of returning, I started the final stage of the pilot teaching by using a multi-media tool. This is an excellent and creative tool for teachers in a class to boost the Chinese learning experience.

During “I Love My Family”, I brought tablets into the class, this is the beginning of my teaching with tools. As a part of the teaching curriculum, hihilulu became the students’ favorite practice. But, because of a limited amount of time and devices, only a few lucky ones were able to play the games on tablets. However, the problem was not forever. Because of the support from the local government, students could go to C2I Center to use tablets, so hihilulu APP could give all of its energy. Our class officially started using this tool.

This week, the leading teacher of the pilot class and I went to C2I. The first part of the lesson was using songs to review content in the past three weeks. After the thorough review, I began with the keywords of the new topic, “I Love My Body”. Video of word cards started to play, and students followed each word’s pronunciation. After they built basic understandings toward the words, I then corrected their pronunciation and asked them questions to check whether they really learned or not. 

The next part was the most anticipated part by students---tablets. Luckily, after a new update, hihilulu now has the feature to search for games that fit the teacher’s requirement. Comparing with the former feature, now this APP is able to search directly in the game menu and shows all levels of games. These functionalities improve the learning experience by more straightforward and efficient delivering of information. With the new features, students found all of the five keywords and completed each keyword’s practices speedily. Some students even had time to search cartoons after they finished practicing. In the end, they were hesitant to return tablets, but they still did so under their teacher’s urging voice. 

As a teacher, a good tool for educators is very important. In my classroom, using hihilulu app for education provokes student’s curiosity, boosts their engagement, and leads to better learning and comprehension. So this multi-media lesson was supposed to be a gift for my students, but after going through this class I figured that the APP is also a gift to every teacher, because students really participate more when class turns into a playground. This method is definitely doable and I recommend to every teacher.

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