Creativity in Teaching Chinese: Unleashing the Potential in Children
    Date of publication :10/15/2018 6:05:01 AM

Chinese learning apps can be a great way to help kids learn Mandarin. They give children the chance to hear native Chinese speakers, respond to questions in Chinese, and a fun and engaging way to practice their reading and writing in Chinese.

Artistic creation, such as drawing and handcraft, can unleash the unlimited potential of a child. These lines, shapes, and colors can sufficiently reveal children’s inner world and their wishes. In addition to art and handcraft class, LPT (Les Petits Trilingues)will share with parents their unique way on how to lead children to find and enjoy the beauties of life.

1. Nature –children’s treasure-house of colors

Colors have the ability to make us calm or excited. When children are able to distinguish various colors, they are more or less affected by the colors in their environment. For children, nature is the most beautiful and the cutest treasure-house of color. Whether it is a bright sun, blue sky, colorful blooms or lush trees can make children happy. Can you remember the children sang happily in mountains and lawns in The Sound of Music? How joyful when they are in close contact with nature. Hence, parents are suggested to enjoy the beauty of nature with children as much as possible, and organize activities like outing regularly, letting children immerse in the colors.

In LPT, teachers often organize children to go to the park to play and sketch; children are guided to cultivate their color sense, to enrich their world of color from recognizing simple flowers and leaves.


2. Daedal lines improve imagination and ability of expression

When observing the vein of a plant and the spiral of a snail in nature, you will find that lines exist everywhere. We usually use a series of adjectives including straight, curved, crooked, jagged, and more. We can also encourage children to use more creative words to describe lines of objects. For example, that line looks like a rugged mountain. The figurative description can accelerate the development of children’s imagination and creativity. Try it more frequently with your children, you will gradually find that children can use a figurative way to communicate with you when they express their feelings and opinions.

At the class of art and handcraft in LPT, we often encourage children to depict the lines according to their imagination and to describe them with their own language, using the words they have already known and help them develop new words through that.


3. Explore and recognize shapes in life

Playing with different shapes, children will also discover other various shapes naturally by touching and observing them. They will find that shapes in nature are not as round or square as pictures drawing with tools. For example, children will find that the moon is not so round, a star is not quinquangular. When these problems arise, they see the shape of the real world, and parents will have a good chance to explore and learn with them.


From the editor: dear parents,  it’s time to organize an art and handcrafting activity for your children this weekend and explore the beauty of creation with them! Use the search function on hihilulu to find DIY contents( for example, kids cartoon Paper Tales) for an art journey at home! Let's learn Chinese through drawing and paper art, and have fun! 

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