Make Chinese Learning Time Memorable!
    Date of publication :6/11/2020 2:33:50 PM


This is our third issue of  hihilulu highlight month for children, nature and art.  Let's directly go to our routine: 

 Play together

hihilulu Telling Me Drawings is a series of children's self-made stories. In the process of interacting with kid learners, we found that "draw-speak", a common child psychology and language development therapy, is also suitable for early education of any foreign language. So we edit children's paintings, their narratives and their interpretation of the paintings into interesting stories.

This series encourages children to express their inner feelings about the world in simple Chinese from their own perspective.

hihilulu believes that when we can express our emotions in a foreign language, the foreign language is internalized. Let's hope Telling Me Drawings could be an effective method to help children turn Chinese into their own language.

How to make your own Chinese story video: 

Step 1-create story: use hihilulu search function to choose a theme-based cartoon, watch cartoon, and help you kids to use keywords or conversation learnt to make their own Chinese story (use as much as Chinese characters as they can). 

Example: hihi & lulu followed Miss Mandarine's recommendation, watched Mouk's Above the Tree on the World Environment Day,   learnt keywords Animal(动物), forest (森林), and use their not perfect Chinese(who cares?!) to tell a story of animals living in harmony! 

Step 2-make videoparents' help is highly demanded!! Use any video tools at your hands to create a video project; drag photos of Chinese story or video clips in, then personalize it !  

Step 3-share:  Send your kids' Chinese story video to Miss Mandarine who will share with your kids' hihilulu fellow learners worldwide (, or share among your friends. Surely, your kids will be very motivated by their work. 

Let's turning the Chinese learning time to a memorable bonding moment! 

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