Teach for the planet: Together, Restore Our Earth
    Date of publication :4/22/2021 1:23:23 PM


April 22 marks the 51th anniversary of Earth Daythe theme of 2021 is together # Restor Our Earth

This should not only be a day that reminds us of the relation between human and earth planet but a call for real long-lasting engagement in protecting the place, where we rely on for food, freshwater, air,  and livelihoods. 

Teach for the planet: hihilulu always engages in the early education of sustainable development. It has long been including Nature and Environment Protection into its theme-based pedagogy. Believe in languages shape our way of thinking and behaving, hihilulu educators dedicate to transfer the ancient Chinese philosophy of loving nature, understanding nature, respecting nature and establishing harmony with nature, through classic poems, songs, cartoons, etc. . 

Here below hihilulu Earth Day BINGO activity card. hihilulu invites young learners to use the card to record its actions on the day and days to come: 

Learn 2 new expressions:

一起保护地球 Yīqǐ bǎohù dìqiú/ together protect Earth

天人合一Tiān rén hé yī / harmony of human and nature ( 天/ sky, nature, 人/human, 合/syncretic, 一/ one, one of the basic principle of Taoism regarding the relationship of human being and nature environment ). 

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