Happy Mayday!
    Date of publication :5/1/2021 9:44:43 AM


May/五月, the 5th month of year, has many memorable dates that hold significance. And, the first weekend of May 2021 starts with absolute importance: 

May 1st, the International Labor Day or Mayday. It is celebrated through out the world as Labour Day.  In France, it is also called Lily of the Valley Day. The white fragrant flower is given as lucky charm on May 1st. 

The first Sunday of May is World Laughter Day, a celebration that raises awareness about all the benefits of laughing and promotes world peace through laughter.

Weekend Cartoon & Activity Recommendation

IT is the moment or never to start your Spring plantation! Watch Green Hands from Emmy & GooRoo, and plant a seed with kids on the Labor day! Will the magic happen?

Laughter is the best medicine / 欢笑是最好的药, this episode from Hilltop Hospital, tells us a story how laughing can instantly help cure us and brings us closer to other people!  

“When you laugh, you change and when you change the whole world changes around you.”
                                                                                                         -Dr. Madan Kataria

Playful learning, steady growing

Whether you are new to hihilulu, or you have been following us for a long journey, you must know that happy learning through theme-based kids' cartoons is one of the pillars of hihilulu pedagogy. 

Watching the theme-based cartoons, learning new Chinese expressions, discussing various perspectives around the theme story are not only for learning Chinese, but promoting a creative and healthy communication habit between parents and kids.

In hihiulu App's Gameroom or Playroom, search keywords such as Laughter/ 笑seed /种子, festival/ 节日etc. and practice listening, speaking, writing, and reading skills.

There is another popular slang among Chinese people:

笑一笑, 十年少 Xiào yīxiào, shí niánshào

Laughing, make you 10 years younger!

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