How to achieve interactive learning with good classroom management?
    Date of publication :9/16/2019 3:31:35 AM


Last year after the Toussaint vacation, students came back to school and I took over a third-grade class. I was excited when I heard there were nineteen students since I used to be a teacher in a small class. At the same time, I thought about how to keep a joyful class atmosphere as more students could participate in the class and interact with me. Howe, in reality, I found my previous idea was too naive after two weeks of teaching. It came out that I spent even more time and energy to teach a class with nineteen students than four different small classes. Without any exaggeration, this class felt like a “noisy market.”


What is interactive classroom management? 

The students definitely are the most important element of this “noisy market.” Once a student starts his or her “performance,” the entire class will lose control. Moreover, there were more boys in the classroom, and even worse than 90% of them are very active. They drill under the table, leave their chair and jump around with their friends in class.  Not only that, several students are very likely to express their feelings loudly during class. Those students, without doubt, are our future leaders. They tend to have outstanding influence and appeal in their classmates, so it only takes a few minutes for them to start a long conversation in the classroom. 


Could the interactive classroom and good class management happen together?  

Yet for me, of course, I have to complete my daily teaching using all different kinds of methods. My primary target definitely is to lead them to follow my speed and complete our curriculum schedule, but I start to utilize more methods like tricking, praising, games, flashcards ect…. Sometimes, I have to ask to follow the class discipline, but the effect is not significant. Therefore, I believe that the effective management of the classroom discipline method and the skill is worth for every teacher to explore continuously.

Miss Mandarin faces a challenge of classroom management for her blog this time. Do you meet the same challenges as Miss Mandarin? Share your thoughts and experiences with us below! Looking forward to learning or knowing more about how you solve this challenge.

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