How to Say Hello in Chinese: A Good Starting Point to Chinese Greetings
    Date of publication :2/18/2019 8:41:10 PM


How to greet in Chinese, let's listen to the story in my class.
What is the first word we learn when we are exposed to a new language? There may be many answers and for different reasons. However, greetings are always one of the first things someone learns when studying a new language.

Different from the traditional Chinese class, my primary considerations of my class are how to keep students engaged in the class and how to help them enjoy learning Chinese especially pronunciation and writing.  I used the daily theme ‘greeting’ on the hihilulu’s platform to teach the students because this theme was very suitable for the enlightenment of kids at an early age.

In previous classes, students had their own Chinese names and learned how to say "hello" and "good-bye" in Chinese. However, they did not know the correct pronunciation of their Chinese names and the Chinese writing of "hello" and "bye." Therefore, this would be our focuses. 

At the beginning of the class, I showed the "Tian"-shaped squares on the blackboard and asked them to write Chinese characters following the stroke order on hihilulu’s literacy cards. I told them the importance of stroke order as well as the difference between “ writing Chinese” and “drawing Chinese.”  I also played several Chinese songs for students to practice their listening and speaking. Students were very involved: they listened very carefully and practiced the standard pronunciation over and over again. After that, I taught the students first simple Chinese expression: “My name is....” and we played a little game called “who is A.” The game encouraged each student to have a basic greeting conversation by forming a small team with their classmates.


At the end of the class, since it was almost the time of Spring Festival, I distributed the hand-made red envelopes to students and help them write down the most important Chinese New year greeting expressions---“ Chun Jie Hao 春节好"--- on the blessing papers as a gift for their parents. 

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