Hello, Spring!
    Date of publication :3/6/2020 6:42:51 PM


          March is here and announces a beautiful change in the nature.  It opens the door for the arrival of Spring-perhaps the most popular of the four seasons!


Trees are coming into leaf, flowers growing, birds singing, ........many enticing beautiful colours eventually replace the gloomy and grey winter colours. 

Yeah! Let's start this month with joy and good humor though coronavirus is still in the air; 

Let's walk in the woods to discover its wonderful flowers; 

Let's sing and dance with the special Momo dance with Emmy and GooRoo

Let's also check out hihilulu weekly recommendation of Chinese animation:

  • Emmy & GooRoo, a winner of MIP Junior Pitch, is an original animation series jointly produced by Youku and LeftPocket Creative. It tells adventurous stories of a cute little girl Emmy and her monster friend GooRoo. Living in a magical forest, Emmy and her clan set out to explore the fantastic world, and solve all kinds of problems.

In the end, don't forget to take hihilulu weekly trilingual flashcard with you for a stroll in Spring! 


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