Labour Day Activity For Children
    Date of publication :5/1/2020 11:46:36 AM


Whether you are new to hihilulu, or you have been following us for a long journey, you must know that learning chinese through kids' cartoons is the pillar of hihilulu pedagogy.
The Best Way to Learn
Watch one episode, learn theme-based new words, practice 4 language skills with engaging interactive games. Make progress with fun!

Weekly Cartoon Recommendation
Paper Tale tells the wonderful adventure about the moose Aristotle and the Woodpecker Tock- Tock who live and travel in a planet where everything is made of paper! At end of each episode, there is a one-minute DIY program "Smart Hand", teaching the littles to make various objects with papers and cardboards.


For this International Workers' Day, we recommend you one episode "Holiday Again". A little bit work on the labour day keeps our fingers and brain active!

Learn Theme Related Keywords
In hihiulu App's Gameroom or Playroom, search keywords such as scissors, paper, holiday etc. and practice listening, speaking, reading and writing skills.
Don't forget hihilulu Trilingual Flashcards, learn a new term "劳动节 (laodongjie).

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