Happy Lantern Festival!
    Date of publication :2/26/2021 11:59:14 AM


The 15th day of the first lunar month/正月Zhēngyuè is called 元宵节(yuánxiāojié) , or Lantern Festival.  As the crown jewel of the whole cycle of New Year's festivities in China, the Lantern Festival celebrates the first full moon of a year and announces a new round of Spring plowing and Autumn harvest. 

As early as 3rd century AD, Lantern Festival had become the great part of New Year celebration. People still follow the traditions such as hang lanterns, visit lantern fair, watch lion dance, eat glutinous rice balls 元宵 yuánxiāo filled with sweet bean paste or sesame paste or peanut paste......

Let's follow Tingting, the singer of Chinese poem, to Shanghai and see how Chinese kids celebrate Lantern Festival today! 

Now, we try to follow the video here to recite a simple kid rhyme about lanterns: 

At hihilulu Atelier Chinese New Year Camp, kids from worldwide made their zodiac lanterns and tried 元宵Yuan Xiao.

Can you guess this riddle in the photo above to finish today's challenge? 

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