How to continue teaching Chinese when many schools are closed for an indefinite period?
    Date of publication :2/6/2020 3:57:03 AM


In support of the city of Wuhan affected by the coronavirus and the other cities of the world, from this week until the end of February, we will offer educational content each week to help children who currently can not go to school. Of course, this content is also offered to our entire community, so that all children can learn more. Join us and enjoy learning Chinese at home.

The world is not always all beautiful all pink, and as a parent, teacher or educator, it’s important to make children understand that they have to be wary of the outside, be careful and know how to react in case of danger.

That’s why hihilulu often develop creative ways to deliver educative content, through simple and clear stories, into children who use our application and our website.  Today's story evokes the tragic theme of the coronavirus.

Let’s get started ……..

One day, in a 'small' town in China called Wuhan (small is on the scale of China because, in reality, it measures the same size as the city of London!), the inhabitants had to face an unknown monster, which moves very quickly and spares no one on its way! Boo, it's really scary! But don't panic! Just after hearing this disturbing news, the superheroes immediately started their fight against this monster, to protect the people there! May the force be with them!

But what exactly do these mysterious saviors look like? Forklifts!

In a record of just ten days, working tirelessly day and night, our super Forklifts helped construction workers to build a huge hospital, to welcome and take care of those who were attacked by this horrible monster. Successful bet! 1000 people were saved and accommodated in this medical construction. Well done! 

Want to see what a forklift looks like? Click and watch our animation and learn the keyword of vehicles in Chinese.

As Nelson Mandela put it so well: "Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world." Let’s be stronger than the disease, if the school is inaccessible because it’s closed or financially inaccessible, all means are possible to allow children to continue learning.

Your comments and suggestions are important to me! Don’t hesitate to leave your comments to me. Look forward to communicating with you all. 

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