Spring: story of a Chinese character
    Date of publication :3/3/2021 11:26:02 AM


Discover the important day of the week

March 5th , 2021 is the Jingzhe 惊蛰,the 3rd of the 24 solar terms in luni-solar calendar, which matches particular astronomic events or signifies some natural phenomenon. Understanding 24 solar terms were extremely important in an agrarian society.

The character 惊/Jing means to startle, and the character 蛰/ Zhe means hibernating insects(虫) . The two Chinese characters together means the awakening of the hibernating insects, the awakening of the earth, and the start of a new agricultural cycle. On this day, the sun is at exactly celestial latitude of 345° and the weather is getting warmer. 

How Chinese construct Chinese characters? 

Spring means more sunshine, the day becomes longer that farmers could work longer time in the field. The character 日ri/ Sunas well as a key component to construct Chinese characters, build a lot of related characters and expression. In total, there are 269 Chinese characters based on the component  日ri/ Sun.

Let's see several interesting examples: 

旦 Dàn = + 一means the sun rises over the horizon, it's dawn/旦,

早 Zǎo= + 十 (figure of grass), means early morning. While, adding a“丨”, which means pushing up, under the character 旦, it also indicates the timing of 早 is a bit later than 旦; 

春 Chūn= 草( grass) +, when there is more sunshine, grass starts to grow out, that is Spring 春 , first season of a year.

Do you feel learning Chinese much easier now after knowing how components are used to construct Chinese characters? 

Now, let's listen to the most famous classic poem 春晓 (A Spring Morning)to feel the rhyme of Chinese expression. 

之际在于 Yī rì zhī jì zàiyú chén

一年之际在于  yī nián zhī jì zàiyú chūn

The whole day's work depends on the good planning in the early morning,

The whole year's work depends on the good planning in Spring. 

Let's do the planning to learn the most basic and cool components. 

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