Learning Chinese Vocabulary at Home: Stay Positive!
    Date of publication :2/21/2020 6:30:45 PM


    The coronavirus in China triggers the biggest work-from-home,  e-schools, e-learning experiment in the world. hihilulu China team is one of those who take up remote working.  After work, we chat, watch those fantastic kids animation, do sport, yea, compare results remotely ...to stay positive and productive. 

Because of the new coronavirus, some of our friends are locked down or have to stay at home to protect themselves and avoid contamination. It's not easy to get used to this new way of isolated life.

But, one thing to remember: KEEP THE POSITIVE ATTITUDE because this situation is only temporary after all!

You can do all kinds of activities, for example, watching the excellent animation series of Paper Tales (one of the best handcraft DIYs) at home or practicing sport too, to keep you fit and upbeat.

In the episode of " Practice Sports"Neo Bear tries to figure out what is his own favorite sport.  Let's us discover how to choose an activity that you enjoy, and that suits your style!

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