Learning a new language, starting the new year!
    Date of publication :12/15/2021 9:45:49 PM


20% Online Chinese Class for kids

Language learning helps children to develop global awareness  


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1 more language, 1 more alternative way of thinking


Dual-track methodology 

1. Fun theme-based oral expression

For example, Christmas theme will be taught with oral expressions of  圣诞节/ Christmas, 圣诞树/Christmas tree、圣诞老人/ Santa Claus、圣诞礼物/gift、圣诞快乐/Merry Christmas from kid's cartoons; 

2.Character-based reading efficiency 

Extended from oral expression of Christmas tree topic, teaching basic Chinese character木/tree , then high frequency characters constructed by 木, such as 林森休困 (wood, forest. reposé, encercler).

It builds up fundamentals and logic in order to help kids reach visual recognition of Chinese characters mostly used in written language,  as well as improve reading skill. 



20% off Online Class

Kids: 4-12 years old 

Class size: 1 to 4

Class time: 30 to 50 minutes per class

Schedule: 1 or 2 times per week every week via zoom

Home support: LearnChinese App or hihilulu Atelier® student platform & downloadables

Teacher profile: hihilulu certified Chinese teachers with Dualism Methodology and multilingual background 

Flexible plan: monthly, quarterly, annually or 10-course package


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