Molang " stay safe" cartoon special on hihilulu platform!
    Date of publication :5/20/2020 1:52:41 PM


MoLang, a white and round rabbit & Piu Piu,  a little white yellow chick, friend and roommate of Molang, are available on hihilulu Chinese immersion platform. Molang reminds simple tips to stay healthy!

And, our expert shares tips of dealing with kids' negative emotions. 

I miss my best friend, how about make a call: 

"喂, 喂, 我想你"wei,wei, wǒ xiǎng nǐ  )

"hello, hello, I miss you!"

Although we are far away, I draw a picture of you! 

"我和你在一起" (wǒ hé nǐ zài yī qǐ)

"You and me are together"

Learning a language requires a little bit practice everyday!

Watching cartoon Molang,  playing roles in Chinese!

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