Happy Mother's Day: May flowers for mum!
    Date of publication :5/10/2020 1:33:13 PM


Sweet April showers, Do spring May flowers.

Forgotten month past, Do now at the last!  

Celebrating mother's day will still be most darling moment in this special May despite date difference in different countries and COVID-19 restrictions.  Ask hihi & lulu: most splendid ideas for celebration often come from kids. 

Though there is going out restriction, no flower shop opened,  Hihi & Lulu find an abundance of wild flowers in nearby neighbourhood, in the meadows, along sidewalks and near flower boxes. They offer flowers to their mama, simply,  in a glass jar for jam!


Penelope together with dad also prepare mum a surprise. Can you guess? 

If you could not order online a fresh bouquet, neither pick up wild flowers, just follow Paper Tales' DIY instruction to make a paper rose.

Or, let's leave today's Chinese course to Miss Mandarine, set mums free to enjoy a cup of tea and their favourite books even just for a short while. This is also a very caring gift : 

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Our best wishes to all mums in the world! 

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