Applause at 8 P.M for Medical Staff!
    Date of publication :5/14/2020 3:49:38 PM


    Applause at 8.PM began as a collective activity under social distance and took off in Italy, where those under quarantine not only clapped - they sang arias, football chants and popular songs, played instruments and waved flags. It quickly spread to other countries under lockdown and continues until today.  

Do you know that May 12 of each year is the International Nurse Day?

And it is also celebrated as the Nurse Week in a lot of countries. This year, we specially need to send our appreciation to medical staff working at front line against COVID-2019. 

Did you join in the Applause for nurses yesterday? If not, join today!

For our little users, hihilulu presents Hilltop Hospital, a kids-adapted medical soap-opera. It consists of 52 ten-minute shorts and is adapted from a series of books by Nicholas Allan of the same name. Medical staff ought to fight physical, mental as well as emotional problems of their citizen, they pull together to cope with the heart-rending and the hilarious!

Click picture below to watch the episode of Nurse Kitty is a Star! "

In addition, hihilulu prepares your kids some downloadables for coloring and writing. Click here  or go to Parents' Room in the hihilulu App to download working sheets to practice theme-related words such like: doctornurse, hospital. 

Find here non-dialogue cartoon for the littles who go back to school this week: Molang's stay safe tip!

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hihilulu Trilingual flashcard for this week: 护士

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