Find you hihilulu Atelier ® online Chinese course!
    Date of publication :10/7/2020 1:35:26 PM


After launching the teaching and learning platform of hihilulu Atelier® , hihilulu proudly presents you the online course based on its immersion Chinese curriculum! 

hihilulu Atelier ® online Chinese course is a Chinese initiation program specially designed for kids from 4 to 10 years old.  By using kids cartoons on hihilulu platform, it offers a theme-based Chinese immersion learning program. All courses are wired around 10 important themes in kids' daily life, and incorporated with STEAM concepts and design. hihilulu aims to help kids learn Chinese language through various topics including language, science, math, culture and art, and to prepare children for self reading through its efficient Chinese vocabulary learning method.

 6 good reasons to choose hihilulu Atelier ® online Chinese course:

An immersive program for cultivating language sense and instilling natural acquisition.

A team of certified professional Chinese teachers who use "learning by playing" pedagogy to accompany kids to learn Chinese with fun and ease.

Real-time Interaction among the  small group of  4 children from different countries, better opportunity and quality of peer exchange and practice.

 Age and level-adapted schedule, once a week, 30 minutes per course for Beginner Level(kids ages 4-6), or 50 minutes per course for Beginner/Intermediate Level (kids 5+ years old). 

A blended learning with follow-up: students can log in either Learn Chinese hihilulu App or hihilulu Atelier® platform to practice and review what learnt through kids cartoons, interactive games and offline assignment; teachers could give instant feedback according to real-time data. 

Safe and practical choice in a year of uncertainty to keep progress even at home. 

Click HERE to check out more details. 

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