Go, go, sing along with hihi & lulu!
    Date of publication :11/18/2020 8:39:35 PM


The hypothesis that singing can help foreign language learning for all age learners has been proved by many empirical studies

The efficacy of singing in foreign language learning by Arla Good & al. stipulates that listen-and-repeat singing method can effectively facilitate verbatim memory for spoken foreign language phrases. 

1. Number of correct pronunciation                  2. Mean number of words recalled

Source: The efficacy of singing in foreign language learning by Arla Good & al.

Case study by Hijee Kang and Victoria Williamson also indicates that music does help learning new Chinese words and phrases through lyrics. Kids are able to learn twice as many in the short-term. 

What hihilulu content platform offers? 

hihilulu platform presents a short list of music videos, including popular Chinese kids songs to classic Chinese poem by singing. Those video with subtitles can reinforce the memory of phrases and sentences in lyrics through the association of kids' beloved cartoon figures and stories.

Our little hihilulu users probably can sing " Please and Thanks"This is the simplest song around the theme of two most popular Chinese words 请(please)和谢谢(thanks). 

Now, let's try this level-up one "I know how to say thanks"which shows how to use these two keywords in different sentence structures and various scenarios. 

What to do next? 

Practice now and join other kids for "Sing a Chinese Song" challenge on the sessions of 22nd and 29th, November @: 

🍒 "hihilulu on line Sunday StoryTime" 🍒

TimeSunday 10.30-11:30 EST (16:30-17:30 CET)

Magic: storytelling, reverse teaching, age-adapted groups

Where: Zoom live, click the link to register free participation  ( Note: You will receive a  link in a Saturday mailing after your registration)

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