Special Chinese Curriculum for kids - hihilulu Atelier In The Time of Coronavirus
    Date of publication :3/1/2020 11:13:17 PM


  The new coronavirus has spread to 127 countries.  More and more people's normal life would be affected. hihilulu teaching team works out a special online workshop around this theme for kids learning Chinese at home. 


    Two weeks ago, we were asked by a Singapore school whether we could help their students to continue with Chinese learning at home because the school's Chinese teacher got infected by the new coronavirus. Here comes up the idea of hihilulu Atelier Coronavirus curriculum. 

    Leveraging our abundant Chinese content resources, we blend kids' cartoons, picture books, audio stories, and vivid graphics to create a theme-based curriculum for homeschooling.

    This set of Chinese online ateliers uses simple, clear and easy Chinese language to help kids understand new coronavirus without terrifying them, to teach them how to protect themselves as well as their family, meanwhile lead kids to learn some specific terms and expressions in Chinese. 


                          (Drawing from the hihilulu Atelier @ School Bilingual Montessori

        Check out this Video to get a deeper look at this new Chinese curriculum. 

    Just remember, kids are naturally curious about the world around them. Simply avoiding the topic would cause more confusion and scare. Not let the fear take the wheel!

      Though it would be a long battle, together, we will win. 


Comment below to tell us what kinds of materials you would like to receive from us. Looking forward to communicating with each of you.



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