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    Date of publication :3/17/2021 7:20:56 PM


Discover the important day of the week

March 20th , 2021 is the 春分Chūnfēn ,the Spring equinox,  the 4th of the 24 solar terms in Chinese luni-solar calendar.  On the day of 春分Chūnfēn, the Sun shines directly on the celestial equator from south to north, and the length of day and night is nearly equal, meaning a day is equally divided / 分 into two, the heat and cold is balanced. Another meaning of 春分Chūnfēn is "half of the Spring season".

From 春分Chūnfēn,swallows fly back, with the first thunder of Spring, Spring rain brings new green.

How Chinese characters construct words and expressions? 

Let's review how Chinese characters as ideogram can instantly deliver and compose, from the visual effect of each character,  a sense and meaning of a new expression:

春分Chūnfēn include character 春 Chūn= 草( grass) + (sun), when there is more sunshine, grass starts to grow out, that is Spring ; the character Fēn= ( number 8) + ( 🔪) , to use sharp knife to separate things, to cut into two parts. Two characters together means Spring Equinox.

See picture below, can you guess the following four expressions?

Yes, so easy: 

春日 Chūnrì : means sun in spring season or a day in spring                   

春雨  Chūnyǔ:  means spring rain                         

春花   Chūnhuā: means spring flowers                         

春水 Chūnshuǐ : describe rivers, creek in spring

Isn't it cool? From one character 春, we can develop many combinations and expressions.  The logic of learning Chinese is as simple as this! 

Work your listening skills 

Now, let's listen to the most famous classic poem 游园不值(A Spring visit), to feel the rhyme of Chinese expression. 

Yes, 春分Chūnfēn is a day of going out 春游Chūnyóu to enjoy the spring. Ready, steady, go !

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