Invite Culture at Home in the Time of Coronavirus
    Date of publication :3/25/2020 2:30:06 PM


Today, COVID-19 is affecting 196 countries and a cruise ship around the world. In other words, all global citizens are facing the war against coronavirus. hihilulu collects a list of free cultural activities for your homestay. 

Governments, including the British government, which had taken the approach of herd immunity, have more or less announced isolation measures. From big amount of fines to imprisonment, staying at home becomes the code for responsible citizens. Medical staff these two days also are calling on social media: We stayed at work for you, you stay at home for us. 

Since we have to stay at home, we have to cope with this unexpected holiday with a positive attitude. Today hihilulu is to sort out the various free resources for a creative staying at home. 

Free  Movie Streaming

Besides Canal Plus, Netflix, Prime Video, Disney +, those for-profit channels are free for the audience in affected areas...

This open-source platform takes you on a virtual tour of 30 world-class museums, offers free access to 2 million art pieces, as well as more than 3000 classic movies.

France's L'INA (national Audio-visual Institute) has launched its new streaming platform, Madelen, and has selected more than 13,000 audio and video programs from its vast archive, including classic movies, series, and documentaries!

French TV stuffs Okoo platform with wonderful animations for kids。

Virtual Art Museum:

Google virtually leads you to enter world-class art galleries while you stay at home. The most important things are no need for air tickets to a foreign country, no need to buy expensive entrance tickets, no need to stay a long line outside the museum!

Enter the various museum rooms, Louvre not only lets you enjoy the palace's facade, also invites you to participate in virtual tours and current exhibitions.

The golden palace of Versailles opens the door to guide you to discover the artistic life of the King of Louis XIV

During its temporary closure, the British National Gallery offers virtual tours of the current exhibitions via video, as well as expert insights about the highlights of the collections. Online learning is provided through the audio guide or video conference.

New York's MoMa specially provides expert guidance to children for learning art at home. 

Click the picture below to visit Penelope's Museum.


Just like Chinese idiom says: things disguise, a war against COVID19 may be a good pause for the running Homo sapiens? 

Don't forget, hihilulu has been here to accompany children around the world to learn Chinese!  

And, please take away our trilingual flashcard with you to learn a new expression: stay at home in Chinese. 


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