hihilulu Atelier® online course is here to support school closure!
Date of publication :2020-03-19 19:34

    Coronavirus is spreading. More and more schools are closing. Many students around the world have to study at home.   hihilulu comes up its solution supporting parents and teachers. 

hihilulu is launching its immersive Chinese course hihilulu Atelier® online now! The New Montessori School du Val de Marne in Paris is the first school benefiting from this innovative support.

As you all know, hihilulu is a personalized platform creating an immersive Chinese environment for children. It is used not only as a support at class by teachers, but also as an extension of lessons at home by parents and children.

Our certified teachers will accompany kids on this amazing journey during coronavirus epidemic period. We are also ready to provide training to teachers on how to use hihilulu Atelier® as their teaching support.  

What’s more, hihilulu Atelier®  had developed a series of health educational curriculum, in particular the theme of coronavirus, to teach students why and how it has happened, and what they need to know to protect themselves and their families.  

At this special time, hihilulu is here to maximally support students, parents, teachers and schools to overcome the challenges of learning Chinese from home interactively and progressively. Register now for free access!

To follow up our full support you are the most welcome to join our FaceBook group: Help children learn Chinese with fun. Hurry up!  See you there!


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