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L'armistice, semer des graines du paix dans le coeur des enfants
Un idéal noble de toute une vie
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How to help children cope with negative emotions in the time of COVID19?
Key Takeaways: Navigating negative emotions during COVID-19; Stay positive; Well-being tips stay-at-home.
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Does learning the second language, like Chinese, at an early age affect kids to acquire their mother tongue?
It is a common concern for parents about if learning a second language will affect kids to acquire their mother tongue. This article will help parents to ge...
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Apply Positive Guidance for Kids During the Chinese Education
No matter you are a teacher or a parent, when you start educating your students or children you can always hear a term from others: positive guidance. Becau...
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Bilingual Education Is a Key to Raising Smart, Well-Rounded Kids
Bilingual education is the way to integrate language into the way students think and recognize. A bilingual education means studying your science, maths, ar...
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Learning Chinese: What's the Best Time for Kids to Start?

Hello everyone, today it’s the first time I write an article and share my daughter's language learni...
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Learning Chinese: How to Use Multimedia Contents in the Classroom

Theme-based Learning is a very efficient method for young children’s issue-centered learning. But it...
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Learn Halloween Activities and Words in Chinese

Halloween is coming soon! It's the perfect time to talk about pumpkin, spider, witch and masks. Do y...
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