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创建Les Petits Caméléons Curieux,是想打造一个以中文为主沉浸式的趣学工坊,在工坊里给孩子们带来丰富的内容和活动。Les Petits Caméléons Curieux 的初心是想要帮助孩子通过多种艺术形式认识并了解不同的文化和语言; 让孩子通过丰富的教学活动在学中玩、玩中学,无压力...
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Learning Chinese: What's the Best Time for Kids to Start?

Hello everyone, today it’s the first time I write an article and share my daughter's language learni...
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Learning Chinese: How to Use Multimedia Contents in the Classroom

Theme-based Learning is a very efficient method for young children’s issue-centered learning. But it...
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Learn Halloween Activities and Words in Chinese

Halloween is coming soon! It's the perfect time to talk about pumpkin, spider, witch and masks. Do y...
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