#Thankful for?
    Date of publication :11/22/2021 9:54:52 AM


Thanksgiving is coming, and 2021 is almost over. It's great time to think and prepare our thanks to those who companion us through this year. 

hihilulu especially thanks teachers who are giving courses online and offline, those lovely young Chinese learners who actively interact with teachers and peers, and parents who are supportive and persistent. 

Here are short Chinese poems and drawings created by hihilulu intermediary level students. 

                                       Poem: The sound of water ( 的声音)

                                       Poem: This dark night ( 这个黑黑的夜). 

The verse " 月亮像一个包子"/ the moon looks like a " Baozi " has the humor and funny imagination of a kid.  Can you find connection between moon and Chinese bun? 


Baozi/包子: a yeast-leavened filled bun, popular traditional food in China

Weekly Cartoon RecommendationChinese Shadow Art. Find easy recipe for Baozi . 

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