Top 10 Chinese Cartoons for Learning Chinese
    Date of publication :12/5/2019 11:50:46 AM


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Learning a foreign language by watching TV or films in the original version has always been recommended as an efficient method to cultivate an authentic language sense and native pronunciation. As for kids, the cartoon is surely the best choice. Here we recommend the best 10 Chinese cartoons on our site for theme-based learning. Of course, there are many wonderful cartoons such as Peppa Pigs, Paw Patrol, Super Wings, and Disney princess and prince movies… just to make sure, watching the original version is to have the original taste!

Based on users’ viewership data, we list the favorite kids’ cartoons on our platform. Those cartoons are keywords tagged and blended with our theme-based Progressive Chinese Learning System in order to help young learners to master 800 basic Chinese words and expressions in 3 to 4 years, and to have basic communication ability. 

1.  Dino the Dinosaur

Early childhood education series/ 0-3 years old                                                                                  

With Dino, kids learn Chinese terms of basic colors, shapes, numbers, fruits  and daily toys. The Chinese words are simple, spoken slow and soft. It is perfect motion material for getting a first grasp on Chinese pronunciation and tones.

2.  Tom the Tow Truck

Education series/3-6 years old

This is one series of Car City. Tom is not a simple tow truck. He helps all the cars and trucks on demand. In his garage, he repairs all kind of vehicles: fire truck, police car, ambulance, garbage truck, bus, any construction truck like bulldozer, tractor, evacuator, monster truck and any kind of transport, even a train! This cartoon is ideal for boys and girls who are interested in cars. Simple Chinese characters, rich vocabulary, slow speed, the best choice for our young Chinese beginner.

3.  64 ZooLane

Kids Drama /6-9 years old

This is a wonderful series about common challenging behaviors in kids’ daily life and the best and positive ways to address them.                     

Every episode is organized as a cute bedtime story.  Lucy, a 7-year-old little girl, lives right next door to the local zoo and becomes the best friend of those unusual animals. Every evening, she listens to the animals talking about their lives. There are not imposing principles, but the creative method of helping kids to develop positive behaviors. This series has rich vocabularies, gentle conversation and interesting topics, suitable for intermediate level learners. 

4.  Mouk

Adventures, culture discovery /6-10 years old

Mouk, a little bear, travels the world on his bike. This educational title teaches kids and toddlers about diversity, cultures and the importance of keeping an open mind. It is based on Marc Boutavant’s beautiful book “Around the World with Mouk: a trail of adventure”.  

In each episode, Mouk takes young viewers to a new country, to discover a local tradition, a geographic curiosity, culinary specialty... Climb up behind Mouk's bike and discover with Mouk this realistic, modern and colorful world while learning more culture themes in Chinese expressions.

5.  Paper Tales

Aventure/handcraft 6-9 years old                           

 "Paper Tales" tells children, in a fun and happy way, a wonderful adventure story about the origami animal moose Aristotle and the Woodpecker Dudu who live and travel in a planet where everything is made of paper!  The interesting adventures are interspersed with the specially crafted origami program "Smart Hand", which allows kids to understand how to make cartoon characters with paper and cardboard by simply using scissors and glue. It serves as a DIY guide, as well as good content for activities inside and outside of the classroom. It is recommended by our Chinese teachers and parents as Chinese content for learning Chinese through manual activities.

 6.  Magic Lantern

Drama/Classic Literature/ 6-10 years old

Magic Lantern is a kids’ cartoon series from Parovoz studio. In every episode a seven-year-old girl named Kate and her five-year-old brother Mike watch a short story projected through lantern slides. The plots of films are based on works of classic literature by world-famous writers and adapted for children. Often characters look like cute, funny little animals. Each story has its own style and expands not only the literary but also the aesthetic horizons of its audience. It is highly recommended by our parent users.


7.  Emmy & GooRoo

Kids Drama/5-8 years old                                                                     

Emmy & GooRoo is an extremely fun and colorful show, telling adventurous stories of a cute little girl Emmy and her monster friend GooRoo in a magical forest.  The series has wonderful graphic design, features a group of brilliant and bizarre characters like mini elephants, dancing trees, with very inspiring plots. This Made-in-China animation provides children with different perspectives about the world and touches the sensible topic of an inclusive society. It is a rare international-styled creation from China, and is highly recommended by overseas Chinese parents. 

8.  Neo Bear

Drama/adventure/invention/ 6-10 years old                                              

The story takes place in a mysterious place created by dreams - the Dream World. Here, Neo the Bear, lives with his inventor father, positive mother and friends in a happy and joyful life. They explore new inventions, overcome difficulties created by the dream destroyer and then realize their dreams.  It is a very dramatic series with a lot of ideas for an invention, highly recommended by our Chinese teachers.              

9.  Hilltop Hospital

Kids Drama/6-9 years old                                                                                                                           

It is a soap drama about physical and emotional health kids come across in daily life.   This is a hospital run for animals by animals. The series is developed to help reassure children about hospitals, illnesses, and accidents. To ensure such subjects are handled with the utmost care and sensitivity. Sometimes sad, sometimes happy, Hilltop is always hugely entertaining. More importantly, it tells stories from a child’s perspective and aims to improve their understanding of situations, which may concern them. It is highly recommended for health theme education while learning to have simple but important conversations in Chinese.

10.  Louie, Draw me a Picture

Edutainment series/5-8 years old                                                                                              

Louie is an educational series teaching children how to draw!  The two principal characters, Louie and Yoko, practice their drawing and coloring skills. Children will learn to draw animals, landscapes, a house or even a place. By talking directly to the children and giving them time to think and do things, Louie and Yoko encourage and actively engage the young viewers. The children become truly involved with the characters and are able to take part in all of their exciting adventures of drawing.  It is a perfect self-education drawing guide while learning Chinese, and also a getaway helper for parents and teachers.


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