hihilulu Top 10 Chinese Keywords in 2020
    Date of publication :12/31/2020 1:54:47 PM


2020 is an unpredicable and unprecedented year! COVID-19, a once-in-hundred-year pandemic ravaged the whole planet, no any country was exempted, no single person was left out the panic and worries.  

2020 speeds up the changes in our living style, working methods, learning modes; it modifies the global economic framework, eventually, it raises our attention to the relationship of nature and human being. 

For young children, 2020 itself shall leave unforeseen marks in their growing up years.  This is a year of schooling at home, a year lacking of real-touch playmates, a year where family reunion is restrained by lock-down, curfew, traveling is calculated by distance, a year of new words and concepts. 

Let's review hihilulu's top 10 Chinese keywords for children:



2020/ 二0二0,easy Chinese writing, easy to recognize Chinese number , but a number full of tragic, chaotic memories.





Remember, right after sending off 2019, the word called COVID 新冠病毒 started to frequently appeared in media and flooded into our daily life. Every kid has to learn this new word and try to be away from this green monster. 

口罩/ Mask

"口"/mouth is an easy Chinese character to learn, however, "罩"/ Cover, in terms of stroke order and components, it's quite complicated for our young learners.  And the story of mask/口罩 is quite dramatic: very beginning, there was world-wide shortage of masks, then too many masks; very beginning, people mocked even attacked cautious Chinese people wearing mask,  now people disgust the person who does not wear mask in public place. Who had imagined, a tiny, slim,  thin 口罩/mask provoked the debate about freedom and is the MUST carry-on in daily life?  


洗手/wash hands

This is the most used verb for kids since entering kindergarten. In and out, this is the word and instruction received most often from teachers and parents. 



社交距离/ social distancing

A word combining 4 independent characters, 社交距离/ social distancing is not only the most difficult words to remember, also the most difficult word to practice. No more physical contact with friends, no more affection touch, a bit lonely, isolated feeling! What a tough task for our kids!  

Text Box: 保持社交距离

医院/ hospital 

This is definitely not the favorite place where kids like to go and see. Fortunately, COVID is relatively kind to our young kids. While, 医院/ hospital(s) are mostly occupied by our adult patients, let's just list it as most unpopular word for places. 


咳嗽/ coughing

 Molang /萌浪兔 definitely is the cutest instructor for how to cough safely ! Kids learn from Molang the word 咳嗽/ coughing  and will never forget about how to use it! 

在线学习/Online learning 

Willing or not, this is the unavoidable word in 2020 for any school age kid! hihilulu has been working on E-learning for years, and embraced a year of application. Even the old grandparents learn to use ZOOM for virtual family meeting. 

When lock-down arrived, hihilulu, backed by its digital platform, accomplished seamless transformation from offline to online in its partner schools. In response to the need of schools and teachers, hihilulu Atelier®  all-in-one Chinese teaching and learning platform was born. It integrates teachers, students, schools, and offers course-wares, online assignment, data tracking and personalized teaching. 

Text Box: Hihilulu Atelier® Online Class



卡通故事会/ Cartoon Story Time

In order to make the Chinese language environment more fun and connected, hihilulu operates hihilulu Online Cartoon Story Time/卡通故事会  every Sunday afternoon for hihilulu young learners from different countries. This Cloud meeting combining the cartoon series on hihilulu Chinese content platform and real story telling, brings together all young Chinese language lovers who actively exchange with each other, participate in virtual activities! This is definitely the most fashionable social word of 2020! 

一起保护地球/Together protect earth

Despite global lock-downs that keep cars off the roads, airplane off sky, factories shut-down, the surface temperatures of 2020 reaches the inauspicious record. It indicates that 2021 could be warmer.

hihilulu has been always engaging in social responsibility and social impact in its educational concept,  it will continue in conscious education of  一起保护地球/ together protect earthand hopes one day, this will be the phrase recording our lifelong practice and the easiest Chinese verb to be remembered.  

So, how many words, characters or phrase in this list you had mastered? 

Nevertheless, we deeply appreciate your participation and support. See you in 2021! 

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