Traditional lucky food for Chinese New Year-Jiaozi
    Date of publication :1/20/2022 5:12:50 PM


Over 1,800 years old, Chinese dumpling 饺子Jiǎozi🥟is a classic Chinese food and the dish traditionally eaten on New Year's Eve.

Although it can be made in different shapes, for Chinese New Year, 饺子Jiǎozi🥟 takes the shape of Chinese silver ingot 元宝Yuánbǎo, an oval boat shape. means original, fundamental, at the same time it has the same pronunciation of ⚪, which means circle and well as reunion;  means treasure, precious. 

Legend says,  that “the more dumplings a person eats during New Year celebrations, the more they will see their income increase in the New Year”. Very pragmatic version of fond dream. Generally, Chinese dumplings 饺子Jiǎozi🥟consist of a filling of minced meat and finely cut vegetables, wrapped in a layer of thin, elastic dough.

Ingredients for fillings:

- Minced meat (the most popular toppings remain based on ground pork, diced shrimp,  ground chicken, ground beef);

- Chopped vegetables, for example, cabbage leaves (goes well with ground pork), shiitake mushrooms (with ground chicken), celery (with beef), spinach, etc.;

- Seasoning: green onions, fresh ginger, soy sauce, sesame oil


First, make the dough, then, using a rolling pin to make small round thin wrappers;

Then, fill the wrapper with the prepared fillings before pinching and joining the edges of each wrapper into the desired shape; 

At last, boil, steam, fry,  as you wish!

Let's watch a cartoon with your children: 饺子Jiǎozi🥟  and learn Chinese through food culture: 

The recorded English word "Dumpling" appeared only around 1600, different region or countries invented their own type of stuffed & wrapped food,  such like Italian ravioli, Polish piroshky, African's banku, etc. . Though there might be differences in fillings, wrapper shape, size, dumpling's easy-making, practical, and humble characters are the common factors attracting food lovers around the world. 

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