Join us for April theme online activities + learn Chinese!
    Date of publication :4/8/2021 5:36:04 PM


April/四月 put a spirit of youth in everything.  

This is the 2nd April/四月 where we are still confined at home.

Hold up with the hope, we turn our head to explore the nature around us and expect the magic of April/ 四月 will bring us out of the pandemic.

Let's check events that fall in the month of April and cheer up for the best: 

April Fool's Day/四月一日,did you get great pranks for your kids or you got their colorful fish on your back?  

April 5th/四月五日, when Chinese's most important traditional festival Tomb Sweeping Day/清明节 hits Easter Monday/复活节, you got to say you are lucky because it's a 1/30 probability in history! Either to eat 青团Qīng tuán (a glutinous rice ball mixed with juice of tender mugwort leaves or barley grass) or/and to enjoy smooth chocolate Easter eggs, that is all, we love our own traditions, and open to try something new!

April 7th/四月七日,it's World Health Day!  Yes, health is wealth, or as Chinese often say health is the seed capital of everything!

Apil 18th/四月十八日World Heritage Day!  Nowhere to visit! Well, check out virtual trips offered by worldwide famous monuments or sites!  

April 20th/四月二十日, UN Chinese Language day, to commemorate the creator of Chinese language CangJie/仓颉. Let's speak Chinese! 

April 22nd/ 四月二十二日 is the Earth Day!   This is one of the most important day in hihilulu's short history!  Education regarding earth and environment protection must starts early.  hihilulu has a group of determined, Chinese speaking Little Earth Guardians around the world.

April 23rd/ 四月二十三日World Book and Copyright Day, where hihilulu and its fans work on good reading habits. Draw & Tell is a special series of UGC audio picture books. Children are encouraged to freely use drawing and Chinese to create their own little books.  If your kids are interested, please drop their artwork to Miss Mandarine at

See, what a charming lively April/四月! Are you going to join hihi lulu for a plenty of interesting and theme-based activities at hihilulu Atelier Spring Camp

Grouped according to age, level, and Chinese as mother tongue or 2nd foreign language,  your kids shall enjoy cloud social meeting with other young Chinese learners around the world.

The Last call for the week of April 12 Virtual Camp:

hour/day, days/week, only 60 Euros! 

CLICK HERE to register! 

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