Chinese Summer Camp Trip--to the magic world of numbers!
    Date of publication :7/21/2020 8:08:04 PM


This is already the 2nd week of  hihilulu Atelier® virtual summer camp!  Our little campers and I further explore the magic world of numbers and the math in our daily life. 

Tell time on a clock with NeoBear,  recite phone numbers, count to hundreds, calculate the price of our virtual yami-yami icecreams

In general, I start our daily one hour camp session from a theme-based Chinese cartoon. During the first part of 25 minutes, we watch cartoon together, share our feedbacks, analyse stories, speak the key expressions and phrases we learnt from cartoon.

Then we have a 10 minutes break for the reason that children have short effective attention span. I led them do a bit social in Chinese, or do some  body stretch, or simply get a glass of water. 

The last 25 minutes are dedicated to theme-related games and activities, which allow us to play the cartoon story, practice dialogues or expressions learnt.

One hour just so easily slips away: our little campers, from beginning to the end,  actively keep their participation, show their works and creations, join our theme-related conversation. I found that the virtual distance does not prevent them from making friends with each other, neither limits their curiosity about the others' world. They are so happy to "e-meet" here and social with each other in Chinese language, virtually but safely! 

Professional teachers guiding campers through immersive Chinese trip 

Real Interaction among the  small group of  4 children from different countries, better opportunity and quality of peer exchange and practice in one single language of Chinese 

Interesting Activities, one theme one week,  a project or an activity each day wired around the theme   

Learn Chinese hihilulu Application, a blended learning experience offered through whole camp period

Flexibility of getting on board by choosing either weekly or daily theme,  2/5 or 5/5

Next week, however, we are going on the exploration of our own world around us!  Though we can not reach our hands to the others in real, but we explore the world in Chinese together, exactly  like a Chinese poem said:

坐地日行八万里  Zuòdì rì háng bā wàn lǐ // Traveling 80000 miles in a single day even just sitting here

Well, come  to join us for a global voyage by  the single "official" camp language--- Chinese

I'm here waiting foour little campers!  

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