What happened in the 2nd week of hihilulu summer camp?
    Date of publication :7/28/2020 10:44:19 AM


Our little campers continue to explore the theme of daily life at hihilulu Atelier® Summer Camp. Watch a video clip of their virtual class "My pet". 

The first cartoon we studied together is The Bird Tutu in the 1st season of Emmy & GooRoo. It is a story about how mom bird looking for her lost baby, and how Emmy and her friends help mom bird. 

Such a coincidence! One of our campers just had an amazing journey with a baby myna bird who fell into her garden! 

So she told us how they found the baby myna who was named as " Doudou" by the family, how they helped Doudou recover, how they taught Doudou to eat, drink and fly .......

And, our little camper even wrote a poem about the short life of little Doudou......full of her love and memory for this moment of life. 

Her story stimulates others to share their interesting stories in daily life. Though their Chinese expression is not perfect, they impressed us by their interesting angles, vivid expressions, and their gentle feelings. 

Learning a foreign language, as hihilulu always advocate, is to express, to communicate, and to discover a new way of thinking. The more we use the language, the better we could naturally acquire this language。 

Our magic formula at virtual camp

25% theme-based cartoon and stories

25% self discovery and cognitive learning

50% natural language acquisition through practicing with imagination 

Click here for details.  Welcome young learners to join our next theme-based camp Stay healthy. 

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