Stay healthy, stay safe, and have fun!
    Date of publication :8/9/2020 10:43:47 AM


Summer heat hits a lot of places recently. Forest fire, explosion, 2nd wave of COVID-19......make this summer so event-filled and worrisome.

We try to keep our head above water at hihilulu Atelier® Summer Camp! I received a lot of positive feedback from parents such as: 

     " It's rare that my daughter is so happy to spare her vacation time to learn Chinese!"

     " He started to tell us stories in Chinese!"

     " It is amazing, my kid of 5 ys old could concentrate for as long as one hour"

Yes, that is what our virtual summer camp tends to bring to young Chinese learners: Interesting, Immersion, Interaction, Imagination, and Ingenuity!

Watch this video to see what we are doing together! 

This week, kids at Summer Camp are learning the topic of Stay Healthy by studying what happens at Hilltop Hospital! It is such a right theme at this moment: eating diversified healthy food, taking a good rest, doing sports,  and specailly for this summer, wearing mask and keeping hygienic habits. 

Let's review the motto of Summer Camp:

25% theme-based cartoons and stories
25% self discovery and cognitive learning

50% language acquisition through imagination

Click here for more details of summer camp!   

Please take away this tri-lingual flashcard 西瓜/watermelon. I wish you feel cool in this hot summer. 

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