Don’t know where to find the right videos to learn Chinese? Here they are - 1000 + video with downloadable rich contents
    Date of publication :10/28/2019 3:05:25 AM


After working as a teacher to help children to learn Chinese, I often hear teachers and parents complain that it is so difficult to find an integrated place with good materials that could help children learn Chinese easily and concisely. In particular, most of the parents who live overseas lack a powerful, easy-to-use tool to help them learn with their kids. Typical questions include but not limited to: Where can we find proper right video content and animations for kids to learn Chinese? How could we transfer them into learning materials? Is there a tool that we could manage my kids learning progress? How can we search for materials by keywords?

Here, Miss Mandarin highly recommends hihilulu to parents and teachers who are looking for high-quality Chinese learning cartoons for kids. Beyond contents, hihilulu also provides a convenient dashboard and management tool that could track kids’ learning progress.

hihilulu Progressive Learning System - Playroom and Interactive Games

As a registered user, when log into the account through the web version,  the first thing you see is a colorful learning wheel, which contains 10 life themes that are closely related to children’s life. Each theme is full of corresponding animations and flashcards that fulfill children’s learning requirements at each level. With hihilulu Progressive Learning System, kids will be attractive under an immersive environment and expand their learning skills.

Library - Chinese Cartoons for Kids

From the play center, click on the blue arrow on the left to enter the library, hihilulu’s animation center, which is full of rich learning resources for users to learn Chinese. hihilulu’s library contains thousands of kids’ favorite animation resources for kids, which are constantly updated with high standard quality control.

Search Function

Hihilulu enables a global “search” function working in the playroom, library and game center. The “search” function bar is located on the upper right side of the main page. With this search function, users are able to review all resources that are stored in the hihilulu platform by keywords. Directly search the animations and flashcards you want to see!

For example: search the keyword "watermelon", all resources that are related to "watermelon" will be presented to users including cartoons, flashcards, and games.

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