3, 2, 1 ⏳ it's Thanksgiving !
    Date of publication :11/24/2021 8:46:31 PM


Thanksgiving is here ! 

It's the moment to say thanks and express our gratitude to  those who bring us blessings, helps in past one year. 

There are many way to express gratitude and appreciation in Chinese too. Are you ready to say it loud in Chinese? 

Let's try it now: 

谢谢 Xièxiè / Thank you---more used in oral and daily polite expression; 

感谢 Gǎnxiè / Grateful --- similar to 谢谢, more formal, more often 
used in written language; It could be used in all situations to express 

感激 Gǎnjī/ gratitude, appreciation---a deeper, stronger feeling of gratitude to people who offer us helps, cares, solutions for problems, etc. ;

感恩 Gǎn'ēn / grateful and owed ---it is a stronger expression than 感激Gǎnjī. Besides grateful feeling, there is a mentality of repaying the helps, and actions of rewarding those who had constantly offered their hands.

To add adverb "非常Fēicháng/ very" in front of above words, there are expressions like:

Fēicháng gǎnxiè / thank you very much,

非常感激 Fēicháng gǎnjī/ deeply appreciated

非常感恩 Fēicháng gǎn'ēn / very grateful

To add adverb "不尽Bù jìn/ endless" behind above thanks words, there are expressions like:

感谢不尽 Gǎnxiè bù jìn/ thanks a million

感激不尽 Gǎnjī bù jìn/ all gratitude

感恩不尽 Gǎn'ēn bù jìn / forever beholden to you

Let's watch this video of 谢谢 Xièxiè :

And, hihilulu weekly cartoon recommendation tells a story to whom we shall express our appreciation on the Thanksgiving Day.

The whole team of hihilulu deeply appreciates the givings, support and perseverance from our followers, users, and partners!

谢谢大家的支持和坚持! Xièxiè Dàjiā de zhīchí hé jiānchí!

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