Joël Bellassen
Joël Bellassen was the first inspector of Chinese at the French Ministry of National Education and the resarch director in didactics of Chinese at the National Institute of Oriental Languages ​​and Civilizations (INALCO). He is also the president of the European Association for the Teaching of Chinese, president of the French Association for the Teaching of Chinese, and the vice-president of the World Association for the Teaching of Chinese. He is internationally known in his discipline and his approach called 'Zi benwei' [字 本位] (primacy of character) since the publication of his book "Method of initiation to the Chinese language and writing", which became one of the main works used to teach Chinese in French-speaking establishments, also known on the English-speaking side. Professor Bellassen is always passionate about Chinese language, culture and philosophy, and he also dedicates to the pedagogy of teaching Chinese as second language for children .

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汉语言学家白乐桑教授的这篇关于中国幽默的文章以法语原文发表在《欧洲时报》网上。 白先生在此文中分享他对中文的深刻理解。
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La leçon de chinois : Y a-t-il un humour chinois ?
Y a-t-il un humour chinois ? Professeur Bellassen partage sa profonde compréhension de la langue chinoise dans cet article.
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Chinese lesson-is there humour in Chinese language?
The original article about Chinese humor was written by Professor Joel Bellassen who regularly talks and shares his profound understanding of the Chinese la...
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