Jennifer Huang
Mother Founder of hihi & lulu
Jennifer is a mother of two little princesses, half angel half demon. When they were born in Paris, she was simply captivated by their angelic beauty, but was also wondering how to offer them the magical gift of Chinese language and culture. The responsibility for transmitting such a gift is not without difficulty of course! She has faced a lot of challenges to convince her daughters about the magical power of this special gift, and has worked hard to build a wonderful multilingual world, in order to help them to enjoy this precious gift of Chinese language. Dived into multilingualism and early childhood language education, she was magically transformed into a woman entrepreneur (mampreneur) and created hihilulu ... A fairy world where learning is synonymous with fun and reveals each child's linguistic talents, with incredible creativity, all in playful learning! Travel now with Jennifer, accompanied by hihi and lulu, slowly growing up in this open-minded and multilingual world!

Blogger's articles

offering a unique progressive learning experience for kids.
How to Create a Chinese Language Environment of Learning at Home?
The founder of hihilulu Chinese immersion platform is going to share her experience in raising multi-lingual kids in this blog and talk about tactics used i...
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Chinese learning apps can be a great way to help kids learn Mandarin. They give children the chance to hear native Chinese speakers, respond to questions in Chinese, and a fun and engaging way to practice their reading and writing in Chinese.
What is Learn Chinese hihilulu App?
Learning language with videos. hihilulu is a brilliant platform of Chinese immersion for kids. Its kids cartoons, kids' songs, stories, and interactive game...
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