San Dian Shui
San Dian Shui focuses on overseas Chinese children and family education. In 2016, the first Chinese picture book reading club in Europe was opened in Paris. The exclusive high-quality courses such as Chinese class, sculpture class and art class are well received by 80s and 90s parents. After get the parents' great recognition and praise, it has become the first choice of Chinese learning and culture sharing for overseas Chinese family’s community.

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Have you ever faced the difficulties in utilizing culture activities to learn Chinese? Interested in knowing more about it? Check out this article.

Once before,when my kid was at home, I insisted on speaking Chinese with her.But after she went to school less than a month,She did not speak Chinese anymore, but only French.I talked to her in Chinese and she replied in French.At that time, I comforted myself Dont be over reacted.Then one day, my daughter told me,Mom, please speak French with me, not in Chinese.And you should not speak Chinese an...