Adolescent Psychological Counselor (China), Ph.D. of Sociology in Sorbonne University, Paris. President of French-Chinese Association in Yvelines and founder of Les Petits Caméléons Curieux. I create the immersive workshop in Chinese to help children explore and understand different cultures and languages through a variety of art forms; to allow children to play and learn through rich teaching activities, without stress and develop their cognitive capability.

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I am Ge YANG in Paris, a Chinese teacher and a mum of three kids.As a living overseas, a mum of three kids, I see the importance of creating a Chinese environment for children.As a Chinese teacher who teaches junior high school students, facing three children who have not yet attended school, I even have no idea how to teach them.But I always adhere to one principle: speak Chinese with your childr...

The goal of Les Petits Caméléons Curieux is to create an immersive workshop in Chinese, bringing rich content and activities to the children in the workshop. Les Petits Caméléons Curieuxs original intention is to help children to discover and understand different cultures and languages through various art forms; to let children play and learn in school through rich activities, without stress; to a...