I am a Chinese teacher, a writer, and a film art supervisor living in Boston, USA. I'm glad to share my observation about culture difference, communication barriers, and foreign language teaching in USA.

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最近, 我听美国的朋友和同学们在谈论关于他们眼中课堂里的学习方法,我的美国同学提到在有些国家老师让学生记住黑板上的知识让她感到非常奇怪。“在美国,我们是努力把事情想清楚而不是记住它”,她说。美国的教育方法与其他国家的教育方法之间存在的争论已有很长时间了。在中国,我个人的学习方式是没有思考过程和记下一切内容。中国...
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Chinese Teaching Methods: Your Opinion?
I’ve recently heard of native American talking about how they think it’s odd that some other countries let students memorise the knowledge on the blackboard...
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